Custom Fleece Blanket


The Softest Most Comfy Custom Fleece Blanket!

Perfect for snuggling with your best friend while enjoying a hot beverage!

This is not only the #1 most-wished-for gift in 2019 (Cosmo Magazine), featured by all the top celebs and influencers...

  • Made of ultra-soft premium materials
  • Unique print done by talented artists
  • Lasts thousands of washes and won't fade over time
  • Tailor-made to prevent fraying
  • Easy to wash (cold water, tumble dry low)

Corgi Blanket"I really love the blanket, it's so comfy and nice to touch, much love from Greece! ❤" - Alexis

Each order of these blankets provides no-kill shelters with support to help keep dogs who don’t have homes cozy and warm. Help them by keeping yourself warm today!

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