Welcome to Pets Merch!Β 

We are a small team of animal lovers dedicated to building a brand that creates unique, one of a kind merch to immortalize our special friends.

Together we help build local shelters for abandoned animals and fight against killing shelters.

Animal Shelter

By joining the #PetsMerch family, you join us in our efforts of making a better world for abandoned animals.

Together we can make a positive change in the world and hope others will do the same.

Every day, about 5500 animals are killed in shelters mostly not due to health problems, but because there's not enough space for new animals.

We have to put a STOP to this or otherwise, over 1 million innocent lives will be ended every year.


Join Us!

Join the #PetsMerch family today and let us be the positive change you wish to see in the world!

With every purchase, we donate a portion of the net profits to local shelters in need. With your support,ο»Ώ we will continue the fight!Β 

Stray Dog